Working title Takotsubo. Pułapka na ośmiornice, Feature film, production stage Development


Natalia is a publisher in a news agency, she is raising her son Antek by herself and is having an affair with Adam, a married man. However, it has little chance of becoming a normal relationship. On the first day of Christmas, Natalia is on duty at the editorial office and publishes material discrediting the MP from the ruling party. Her boss hurls insults at her because of this, which results in Natalia being rushed to hospital in a weakened state.   Diagnosis: takotsubo, or broken heart syndrome, literally translated from „an octopus pitcher”. On an impulse and against her son’s wishes, she buys a ticket to Japan.

From crowded Tokyo, she embarks on a journey that changes her. On the way, she meets a Japanese man, they get closer, then Natalia meets his mother and grandmother. Toshiro shows Natalia „his Japan”. They fall in love. During the wedding of Toshiro’s sister, Natalia meets the rest of his relatives. The sister, seeing the growing feeling between her brother and Natalia, confesses to her that he has long been destined for another woman. Disappointed, Natalia returns to her country after being exposed to the culture of arranged marriages, alien to her. The feeling remains in both of them, however, and Toshiro follows Natalia to Poland. This time it is he who collides with an alien world. In addition, Natalia’s son has a lot of dislike for the „stranger”. All of this must have consequences.

Director Kinga Dębska
Writer Kinga Dębska
Producers Maciej Rzączyński, Dawid Janicki
Production EAST STUDIO